Just got Walloped

5 October, 2006

Thanks to the Mountaineer himself for the invite, cheers brother!

I’m now an official Wallop member, http://www.wallop.com/alienscience
very nice,
I always enjoy using quality Flash applications.

Myspace looks so lame at the moment,
The only thing that got going is the member base (which btw is not a bad thing to have)..


2 Responses to “Just got Walloped”

  1. linen Says:

    I long to get invited. If you still have an invitation, can you send one to me? Thank you very much!!

    My email address: linene@gmail.com

  2. Daniela Says:

    You wouldn’t happen to have an extra invite lying around would you? I agree with you about myspace– people want MORE– just haven’t seen a successful app yet to get them to make the switch.

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