Flex RIA Articles – Part 1 (The Background)

4 November, 2006

The Background.

Last month I was pulled from my last project, where I was brought in to extend the functionality of an existing Flash RIA which I had worked on for close to 12 months. The new project is to build a new Flex GUI to replace an existing Java GUI for an application within the software suite of my company QDC technologies.

This new Flex application communicates with a Java back-end via Flex Remoting. At this stage we have no plans to implement Flex Data Services.

I also recently purchased a macbook pro which is my new dev machine. It is my first real in depth experience with OS/X and I have XP installed running on Parallels. In an attempt to become more familiar with OS/X I am trying to do as much development as possible in OS/X and only switching to XP when required. After the release of Flex Builder 2 beta for Mac I have now switched to using this for my flex development.


5 Responses to “Flex RIA Articles – Part 1 (The Background)”

  1. Marcel Fahle Says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    I too bought a new MacBook Pro (my first Mac :)) and I too tried Flex Builder 2 Beta.. But I’ve got a few small problems with it. First, Code Hinting is not working properly and the font size is not good for developing (i’ve never found out how to make it a bigger size). For example if have a few special characters next to each other like >]} it’s hard to see where the cursor is located.. So I still do most of my Flex work under XP using Parallels.


  2. in FlexBuilder go to, Window> Preferences>> General>>> Appearance>>>> Colors and Fonts…

    There should be able to change fonts and sizes. Try consolas (a microsoft font), very nice to read for coding.

    check out my latest post https://flexcity.wordpress.com/2006/11/07/tomcat-on-my-intel-macbook-pro/

  3. Marcel Fahle Says:

    Ah, cool.. I already saw this menu, but I got a little bit confused of all that options available.. I mean, I just wanted to change the text-size.. 😉
    Anyway, it seems that I don’t have the consolas installed, so I tried courier new in 14 and it looks really good.. So I’ll give the Mac version another try 😉

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  5. Gizachew Says:

    please i need one examples working on this.

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