Introduction to “Building an Enterprise Level Flex 2 RIA.”

4 November, 2006

This is my introduction post for a weekly series of articles based around my experience of developing my first Enterprise Flex RIA. Through the development process I am recording short notes and then composing weekly articles based from these notes. I will be posting 2 articles each week, one will be posted on which will be related more to the implementation of the cairngorm architecture in this application while the other article posted on this blog will be about the overall picture.

To begin with, I am not going to be disclosing too much detail of the purpose of the application and will not be releasing any source code, although I may include snippets of code to help illustrate certain areas of the articles.

The RIA is a pure Flex 2 GUI and the backend server application is built in Java. Our front-end team currently consists of 2 Flex Developers with another developer coming on board in a couple of weeks and hopefully more in the future.



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    Administrare server

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