Tomcat on my Intel Macbook pro

7 November, 2006

talk about pimped out notebooks.
I have never had such a nice machine in my life.

Today we downloaded the source for Tomcat.5.2.30 and compiled it as universal binary,
After some vi wizardry and the latest available flash remoting jars added, i have everything running nice.

I was most impressed when i viewed Complex Typed Objects going through the wire via ServiceCapture(which is also running on OS/X 🙂
So I have a real dev box now. Any PC-Only haters out there, i got Flex Builder 2, Tomcat, FDS, Remoting, Service Capture, MySQL5, what more do i need?

And just to show how we really, really do this..
Check out this dope theme for XP that i’m also running through Parallels.
download here

Just a note on Parallels.
In order to bridge the file systems between Mac and PC i have decided to  create 10 shared folders and in XP map them as network drives.
This has enabled me to work seemless on the same file between OS’s.

I have a Ubuntu Image coming this week as well.  After i have that running it means Apple, Microsoft and Linux all on the same fly-ass notebook 🙂


One Response to “Tomcat on my Intel Macbook pro”

  1. Marcel Fahle Says:

    Yepp, I too mapped the Shared folders as network drives.. works like a charm!
    Absolutely amazing machines those MacBooks.

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