Flex RIA Articles – an update

19 March, 2007

Over 4 months without an update.. I’ve been a busy boy.

Current status.. The first leg of developement is coming to completion.

Here are some keypoints before i get into some more detailed posts.

– Flex, Java and Remoting rocks! Cant wait to get into FDS
– Cairngorm is a great starting point for any flex developer.
– Get your head around Flex component delvelopment techniques before doing any real ria view work.
– Modules lack framework support. Dive in, the engineers are more than glad to answer questions but i will wait for Flex 3.0 until i re-implement Modules into our RIA.
– And finally, test, test, test. Make sure your got a production spec server to test on as well ( 1 that will mimic your deployment set-up ).



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