WebDU Live and Direct…

22 March, 2007

I’m posting from my room here at the hilton, the venue for this years webDU and what can i say…

Ted Petrick is here, JesterXL, Robin Hilliard, indeed some the fantastic minds of the industry.

Its good to catch up with a lot of people here. Flashers, Flexers, Fusioners, whatever your flavour, its going down.

Its great to see the work that’s being done on Mobile Development.
I’ve been involved in mobile development since late 99 but support and interest on this topic continues to grow.
Adobe continues to see to potential in this area and their interest has not waned the slightest.

Of course there is the latest on Apollo and CS3.
CS3 looks awesome and I will be among the first customers of this fantastic new product suite. The first suite release since the merger.

I’m sure tomorrow will be a great day.
Cant wait for Teddy to wreck shop 😉

BTW is there anyone left with a pc notebook.
I’ve never seen so many macbook pro’s


Today’s the day i got my hands on Apollo.

Bascally if you havent heard it gives web developers the ability to create desktop applications using existing web technologies such as flash, flex, html or ajax.
You deploy a single packaged file that runs on Mac and Windows leveraging the Apollo runtime.

It’s all on labs http://labs.adobe.com/

There also a heap of tutorials here,



I’ll post some examples as soon as i get them out.