Just got Walloped

5 October, 2006

Thanks to the Mountaineer himself for the invite, cheers brother!

I’m now an official Wallop member, http://www.wallop.com/alienscience
very nice,
I always enjoy using quality Flash applications.

Myspace looks so lame at the moment,
The only thing that got going is the member base (which btw is not a bad thing to have)..


WEBLO opened for business today,

A founder of MySpace which sold to Murdoch for 300Ms has gone and started another one!
And they mean business!!
You want the whitehouse, you got it!
You want the president, you got him!
You want britney Spears’ fat ass, man you take that shit, it’s for sale,all for sale!!

more info:

Watch this space..

Microsoft has it’s new online product.
Most interesting that they are using a Flash UI!

This is only affirmation to me this industry has recieved another boost.

They are offering a marketplace for flash designers to sell widgets.